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GYPSUM Drywall for Fireproof Building Applications

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Gypsum drywall is a popular material used in the construction industry for a variety of applications. One of its most important uses is in fireproof building applications. With its ability to resist fire, it’s no wonder that gypsum drywall has become a staple in modern construction.

Fireproofing a building is an essential part of any construction project. It’s important to ensure that the structure can withstand any potential fire hazards and minimize the damage that may occur in the event of a fire.

Carolina Atlantic is a premium supplier of CertainTeed GlasRoc® GYPSUM Drywall for local area building supply retail stores across America.

What is GYPSUM Drywall?

GYPSUM drywall is made from a layer of gypsum sandwiched between two layers of paper. The GYPSUM is a soft sulfate mineral that is commonly found in sedimentary rocks. It is fire-resistant due to its chemical composition, which includes water molecules that are bound within its structure. When heated, the water molecules are released, helping to cool the surrounding area and prevent the spread of fire.

In addition to its fire-resistant properties, GYPSUM drywall also has other benefits that make it a popular choice for building applications. It is easy to install, lightweight and versatile, making it ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

GYPSUM drywall comes in different types, each with its unique properties. Some are designed for use in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, while others are designed to resist sound transmission and improve acoustics in a room.

Fireproofing with GYPSUM

When it comes to fireproofing, GlasRoc Shaftliner boards are non-combustible and fire-resistant for use in long shafts and in firewalls, featuring a moisture-resistant core and high mold resistance.

This premium GYPSUM drywall is specially treated with glass fibers and other additives that enhance its fire-resistant properties. It has a higher density than regular GYPSUM drywall, making it harder to ignite and slower to burn. It also has a rating of one hour or more of fire resistance, depending on the thickness of the material.

Installing gypsum drywall for fireproof building applications is a straightforward process. It is cut to size, installed on metal or wood studs and finished with joint compound and paint. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and local building codes to ensure that the installation is done correctly and meets all safety requirements.

Wholesale Supplier of CertainTeed GlasRoc® GYPSUM Drywall

GYPSUM drywall is an excellent choice for fireproof building applications due to its fire-resistant properties, ease of installation and versatility. It is an essential component of any building project that aims to protect the occupants and minimize damage in the event of a fire. Carolina Atlantic is a leading wholesale supplier of CertainTeed GYPSUM products for residential and commercial building applications. Learn more about partnering with us to provide your local builder supply store with top-quality GYPSUM, roofing and other materials at the absolute best prices. Contact a local distribution center near you for more information and ordering assistance.

Posted on behalf of Carolina Atlantic Roofing Supply

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