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Built-Up & Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems have served as the gold standard for commercial buildings with gently sloped or flat roofs. Built-up roofing (BUR) has been used over 100 years across the country, mainly because of its reliability and ease of installation. Carolina Atlantic™ is your leading two-step distributor for built-up and modified bitumen roofing materials, sourcing top brand supplies and accessories for local area roofing supply stores.

BUR commercial roofing systems remain popular because they provide excellent protection. Several strong layers of material offer superior durability and weather resistance in all kinds of climates, protecting valuable properties. Built-up roofing systems can require longer to install, but they remain a much-favored method of commercial roofing.

Carolina Atlantic™ is the vital link between product manufacturers and local area retail supply stores, sourcing only the finest BUR commercial roofing products, accessories and materials. Our talented team can help you decide which products and materials to stock for your area needs (built-up or modified bitumen) as well as assist with ordering and delivery scheduling. We also offer financing options and online account management for your convenience.

Top Brand Built-Up Commercial Roofing Materials & Supplies

Built-up roofing systems begin with a base sheet of material mechanically fastened to a layer of insulation. Hot asphalt was previously used as the in-between adhering layer to bond and create a waterproof seal. More modern applications now allow for cold-application adhesives that are much easier to use and provide superior waterproofing protection. Reinforcing felt is layered between for additional protection until the right number of layers is reached. The final step is a surfacing material or fine gravel.

Modified bitumen is a more recent form of a BUR system. It mixes polymerized rubber or plastic with asphalt and fiberglass to create an exceptionally strong and waterproof membrane for commercial roof layering. Both built-up and modified bitumen roof systems can be installed with different of colors and coatings.

Carolina Atlantic™ sources top quality brands of built-up and modified bitumen roofing products and supplies, including R-Max, CertainTeed, MFM and GAF. Contact the branch Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center near you and speak with a team member for product help or ordering assistance.

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