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CertainTeed Wholesale Building Insulation

Every structure needs insulation for protection against the elements. Homes, businesses, large manufacturing centers and warehouses all need insulating material at various areas. Different types of insulation are used in varying applications, and products are offered in many forms and styles that accommodate different installation methods. Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor throughout the South and all across the United States for CertainTeed brand insulation products at wholesale prices.

Modern insulation is made from synthetic materials that have increased thermal protection, fire resistance, water resistance and more overall durability. Whether your application uses foam, boards, batting or other forms of material, the right insulation is crucial to obtaining the best results. Insulation is routinely placed in attics, ceilings, exterior walls, interior walls, floors, basements and anywhere air can penetrate.

A quality insulation barrier keeps air from passing through, keeping interiors comfortable in any season. It can also protect from sound and pollution. Different insulation products are graded and typed by air tightness, mold prevention, fire protection, moisture control and acoustics. Carolina Atlantic™ sources the finest insulation products from CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Superior Insulation Products for Residential and Commercial Applications

When you need insulation for any residential and commercial applications, Carolina Atlantic™ is a premier source of CertainTeed quality products at wholesale prices. As a two-step distributor, we are the connection between product manufacturers like CertainTeed and local area retail building supply stores everywhere.

Our partnerships with these local stores and product vendors ensure that building contractors across the country have adequate supplies of the materials and products they need to keep America building. Along with top quality product, we also offer product information and ordering assistance, financing, online account management and precise delivery scheduling to meet stringent project timelines.

Contact the nearest Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center in your state and ask a team member for more information about quality CertainTeed insulation products at wholesale prices, and other quality roofing and building materials.

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