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Mineral Wool Fiber Insulation

Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor of wholesale commercial roofing products and supplies top brand mineral wool fiber insulation from CertainTeed and R-Max. Our multi-state network of modern distribution centers near major shipping channels and population centers enables us to source a wide array of local area retail construction supply centers to keep America building.

Mineral wool fiber insulation is based on stone for superior resistance to moisture intrusion and high heat in warmer climates or buildings at high risk of fires. The insulation product comes in batts or boards to allow more versatile use in various commercial roofing applications. The fiber batts or boards can easily be fitted into small or irregularly shaped spaces for improved insulating protection.

Commercial Roofing Insulation for Excellent Fire Protection

Mineral wool fiber insulation made from stone provides excellent protection from water intrusion, fire and cold, which makes it a great option for a wide variety of commercial roofing applications. Carolina Atlantic™ can source any quantity of mineral wool fiber insulation you need to keep stocks of this popular product high. Many roofing contractors and builders prefer it because if provides:

  • Excellent Thermal Protection – Mineral wool fiber from stone naturally insulates by trapping warm air and blocking cold air.
  • Better Noise Absorption – Mineral wool fiber from stone contains sound waves for better noise absorption and sound reflection.
  • Sustainable Sourcing – Mineral wool fiber from stone is both natural and plentiful, making it a top eco-friendly choice of insulation.

As commercial construction continues to expand, more area retail construction supply stores rely on Carolina Atlantic™ for sourcing the finest roofing products at wholesale prices. Our knowledgeable team members can help you with product information and selection, ordering, financing and delivery scheduling when you call your local distribution center.

Carolina Atlantic™ maintains a huge inventory of top brand roofing products, accessories and materials so we can easily source the largest orders from our partner retail stores across the South and throughout the United States. Call or message the closest Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center, and ask for more information about mineral wool fiber insulation and other roofing products from the top brands in the industry.

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