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Slate Roof Tiles

Stone slate roof tiles provide superior protection against weather, abuse and aging, and are a prime choice for stylized, long-lasting residential roofing. Slate roof tiles are harvested from heavy natural stone and shaped into various sizes. Different shapes, textures and colors are available for use in patterns or other custom applications. Carolina Atlantic™ sources our partner retail roofing supply stores with a wide variety of slate roof tiles from top brands at wholesale prices.

Slate roof tiles offer significant benefits for residential roofs in all climates and settings, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-absorbent
  • Superior resistance to stains and acid rain
  • Naturally eco-friendly
  • Resists mold, moss and algae
  • Extensive warranties

Carolina Atlantic™ sources the finest natural stone slate and cement slate roof tiles from leading brands that include Slate Select, DaVinci and EcoStar. A team member at any of our area distribution centers can help you with product selection, information and ordering.

Composite Slate Roof Tiles for Improved Fire Resistance

Composite slate is a newer option that closely resembles natural stone slate roof tiles but is actually made from cement and fiberglass mixed with natural stone. Composite slate tiles are extremely durable and long-lasting roofing material that are lighter than natural stone slate tiles. They also pose exceptional fire resistance for superior protection and longevity.

Local area construction and roofing supply retail stores all across the South depend on Carolina Atlantic™ to source a vast array of residential roofing products, accessories and materials to keep their clients supplied and busy building America. Our growing multi-state network of modern distribution centers stretch from Texas to Florida and enable us to meet the supply needs of our partners quickly and efficiently. This keeps them competitive, successful and thriving.

Partner retail supply outlets enjoy long-term relationships with Carolina Atlantic™ because we source only the finest products at wholesale prices while offering convenient options for ordering, financing, account management and delivery scheduling. Contact us today for top quality slate roof tiles and other residential roofing products.

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