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Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation is named for the way it is made. Polystyrene is pressed through a die to create broad, continuous pieces of smooth material. This closed cell structure provides excellent protection from water penetration and reliable, long-term durability. XPS insulation comes in smooth board sheets of various sizes. Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor of commercial roofing insulation including extruded polystyrene insulation.

Carolina Atlantic™ is the vital link between manufacturers of extruded polystyrene insulation and regional retail roofing supply stores. We source top brands of roofing insulation for use in built-up and modified bitumen and single-ply roofing systems for various commercial applications. XPS insulation is a popular choice among commercial roofing contractors and builders because it is easily used in a variety of spaces and applications.

Our large, multi-state network of state-of-the-art distribution centers can source the largest and smallest local area retail supply stores with plenty of top-quality commercial roofing insulation and other products. Be sure to ask a team member for assistance with product selection, ordering, financing and more.

XPS Closed Cell Rigid Insulation for Commercial Roofing

Extruded polystyrene foam enjoys the durable and versatile closed-cell construction and comes in rigid extruded sheets. Polystyrene resin is known for excellent compression strength and superior protection against water infiltration. XPS insulation is also well-known for its thermal conductivity because closed cells do not conduct heat. XPS roofing insulation can provide the same level of thermal performance as a much higher density EPS board insulation. XPS commercial insulation is often preferred for its:

  • Ease of installation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Excellent resistance to moisture
  • Light weight
  • Superior thermal protection

Carolina Atlantic™ distribution centers across the southern states are uniquely positioned to facilitate fast sourcing and delivery to our partner retail supply stores. Keeping them amply stocked with top-brand roofing materials and accessories is our primary mission. Providing only the top brands of materials guarantees quality and wholesale pricing helps our partners stay competitive. We also offer distribution services throughout the United States.

Contact the Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center near you and speak with a team member about sourcing your local area retail roofing supply store with top quality commercial roofing products like XPS insulation and more.

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