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Commercial Roof Drains

Drainage is vital for any commercial building, and the roof is the primary area that catches rainwater to begin the process of channeling it safely away. Drainage planning is a critical aspect of building design and construction, and commercial roofs typically require more than basic guttering and downspouts. Commercial roofing systems are frequently large and complex and require multiple commercial roof drains to channel excess water off the roof and away from the building.

Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor of commercial roofing products and roofing accessories, including commercial roof drains for various applications. We source a number of different sizes, styles and types of commercial roof drains to prevent leaks and eventual collapse of a roof from excess water. Many commercial roofs are flat or only slightly angled, meaning they need more extensive means of drainage than residential applications.

Our multi-state network of modern distribution centers stock a vast inventory of commercial roofing products and accessories, like roof drains from leading industry manufacturers, which we provide to our partner building supply retail stores at wholesale prices. Carolina Atlantic™ serves as the vital link between product vendors and local retail supply stores, providing a steady supply of top quality roofing products and supplies to keep America building.

Building Roof Drain Systems

Commercial roofing drain systems are designed specifically for a particular building’s roof, ensuring that drainage is adequate from multiple points. The amount of water to be channeled away must be calculated accurately in order to prevent standing water, overflowing and penetration that causes serious damage. Inadequate drainage can harm the building structure, its interior components and even the foundation.

Commercial roof drains are made in several common sizes to accommodate various amounts of water. These drains are installed during the roofing process and connected to internal and external drain systems that carry rainwater away, preventing it from entering the building or pooling on the ground nearby. Sufficient drainage for a commercial roof is a top engineering priority and is included in architectural drawings and roof designs.

Contact Carolina Atlantic™ today, and speak with a team member about product information or assistance with commercial roof drains, ordering, financing, delivery scheduling and more.

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