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Cedar Shake Roof Shingles

Cedar shake roof shingles are popular options for residential projects, lending a rustic appearance while offering superior protection against the elements. Different styles of cedar shake roof shingles can be used as roofing material or siding. They come in treated or non-treated options, and cuts can vary the appearance, with handsplit, tapersawn, tapersplit or straight-split types available. All cuts are uniformly sawn for a consistent appearance and thickness. Their machined appearance often makes them hard to distinguish from standard asphalt shingles.

Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading source of cedar shake roof shingles throughout the South and all across the United States. We serve as a two-step distributor linking product manufacturers and local area retail construction and roofing supply stores. Our partner supply centers rely on us to keep them stocked with vast quantities of top-quality cedar shake roof shingles for residential roofing clients. We keep a vast inventory of brand-name cedar shakes from CeDUR, Slate Select, EcoStar and DaVinci.

Wholesale Cedar Shake Siding Shingles

Carolina Atlantic™ sources a wide selection of cedar shake shingles and siding for all kinds of residential applications at wholesale prices to keep our partner retail outlets competitive and successful. Embodying our motto of Moving Forward Together™, we serve our vendor and retail store partners with integrity and excellence, a commitment we’ve kept since 1974.

Cedar shake residential roof shingles and siding comes in various types and we stock a massive inventory of these popular varieties:

  • CCA Treated Shakes
  • Fancy Cut Shingles
  • Fire Treated Shakes
  • Pre-finished Shakes
  • Unpainted Shakes
  • Untreated Shakes

Cedar shake shingles and siding can be stained or painted when using untreated options. Carolina Atlantic™ sources many different types of cedar shakes for roofing or siding applications. Ask a team member for more information and help with ordering.

Carolina Atlantic™ also offers product assistance, ordering assistance, financing, online account management and payments and precise delivery scheduling to meet the needs of our partner retail supply outlets. We strive to be a valued part of the global supply chain to keep America building, and we realize our success depends on your success.

Contact a nearby Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center and ask about partnering with us as a product vendor or local area retail supply store. We source the finest cedar shake roof shingles and other residential roofing products.

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