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Residential Roof Drains

Drainage is an essential component of any building roof. Residential options for drainage were previously restricted to simple gutters and downspouts. Today, these are only some of the drainage systems available. Residential roof drains are an integral part of any roof; more complex roof styles and designs require special roof drains. Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor that sources various types, styles and sizes of top-quality residential roof drains from major industry brand manufacturers to our partner building supply retail stores throughout the South and all across the United States.

Residential roof drains are part of the complete drainage system that channels water off the roof and away from the home structure. Standing water on a roof will eventually penetrate the various layers of the roof system and cause serious damage. Water that is allowed to drain off the roof and onto the ground near a home can penetrate the foundation and cause expensive structural damage.

Carolina Atlantic™ sources all the roof drains and other components necessary to provide sufficient drainage for any type or design of home. We provide everything needed for complete residential roofing, including roof drains, underlayment, insulation and more at wholesale prices. Ask about becoming a partner retail building supply store when you call us today.

Home Roof Drain Systems

Modern homes that feature chimneys, sectional areas and other attached structures often have roof valleys and other areas where water can pool, especially in snowy climates. These areas may need additional drainage solutions like roof drains and interior channels to carry away water and melting snow to prevent damage to the roof and home’s interior.

Carolina Atlantic™ is a growing, multi-state network of state-of-the-art distribution centers that form the vital link between product manufacturers and local area roofing supply centers. This means we can source vast quantities of the highest quality products to keep your local supply store supplied with everything your clients need for area roofing projects. Moving Forward Together™ is our company motto, one that we seek to fulfill every day in our long-term vendor and retail outlet partnerships.

Contact a nearby Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center in your state and ask about becoming a partner with us. Our partner stores enjoy convenient online account management and payments, ordering assistance, financing options, precise delivery scheduling and more. We are a leading supplier of residential roof products and accessories, including roof drains and other materials.

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