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Roof Ice & Water Shields

Roof ice and water shields are important components of any residential roofing system. As their name suggests, they prevent ice and water from penetrating a roof covering and causing damage to the roof system and building. Residential roof ice and water shields are rubberized coatings adhered to the roof deck and/or fastened to other areas to prevent windblown rain and the formation of ice dams. These weather-related impacts can cause serious damage to roofs, allowing water intrusion to damage interior structures and components.

Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor of ice and water shield products for residential roof systems from top brands like GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, ATLAS and IKO. Our multi-state network of distribution centers stocks a huge inventory of ice and water shield products that are ready for immediate shipment. If you supply roofing and building contractors in areas where severe winter weather is a risk, you need to keep ample stocks of these winterization products on hand. Some areas even require such protection in local building codes.

A nearby Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center in your state can provide vital product information, help with ordering, financing, delivery scheduling and more. Plus, all our retail supply store partners enjoy wholesale pricing on everything needed for residential and commercial roofing supply. Ask for help and more when you call or message us today.

Superior Ice Dam and Wind Leak Protection

Driving rain can penetrate underneath the edges of a roof or cause pooling and leaks in valleys and underneath the coverings on low pitch roofs. Ice dams form around gutters and prevent melting snow from draining off a roof when there is insufficient ventilation and insulation. The resulting damage from water intrusion can become extensive.

Source your local area retail building and roofing supply store with the finest quality residential roofing products and accessories from top brands by partnering with Carolina Atlantic™. We provide huge inventories of high-quality products from the leading brand manufacturers to our partner stores to keep them busy and competitive in their local area.

Contact a Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center in your state and speak with a team member about ice and water shields for residential roof applications, as well as any other residential roofing supply needs.

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