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Commercial Roofing Fasteners

Commercial roofing fasteners are a vital component in any roofing system, and one too often overlooked. Carolina Atlantic™ is a leading two-step distributor of commercial roofing fasteners from the top industry brands. We source the essential roofing fasteners for single-ply membranes, built-up layers, different types of insulation, metal plates, roof decking and more.

Carolina Atlantic™ is the premier source for everything used in commercial roofing, including various types and grades of commercial roofing fasteners for every application. Metal to wood, long or short and more, we source all types of fasteners for our partner local area retail supply stores at wholesale prices. Our teams at every area distribution center can help you determine the appropriate fastener for specific projects and client needs.

As a reliable commercial roofing supply distributor, Carolina Atlantic™ only partners with the top brands to provide our clients with the best quality products and accessories. We stock an enormous inventory of BASF, BOSS, JZW and other reliable fasteners for every possible commercial roofing application, and they are ready for shipment quickly after your order.

Top Brand Commercial Roofing Fasteners for Every Application

Commercial roofing systems and different building layouts demand specific types and grades of fasteners. Our Carolina Atlantic™ team members have a vast knowledge of fastener products and are happy to help you choose the right fasteners for your local clients’ needs. We stock them all in adequate quantities, along with your other commercial roofing materials and products.

  • Cupped Hex, Washer Head, Self-Drilling Screws
  • Long, Short
  • Low-slope Roofing Fasteners and Plates
  • Metal to Wood
  • Pancake Head Clip Screws
  • Wood to Metal
  • More…

Keep a huge stock of the right fasteners for every material and application for commercial roofing at your local area retail building or roofing supply store by partnering with Carolina Atlantic™. Our powerful multi-state network is continually expanding to better serve even more partner retail stores with top brand commercial roofing products, accessories and supplies. As a partner retail outlet with us, you can rely on accurate order fulfillment, fast deliveries and prompt customer service to help you stay profitable and competitive.

Contact us at the local Carolina Atlantic™ distribution center today for all your commercial roofing material needs, including various types of fasteners and other roofing accessories.

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