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CertainTeed GYPSUM Drywall Supplier

Interior wall coverings have been around for centuries, and modern drywall is an innovation that has improved since its introduction in the early 1900s. Today, modern GYPSUM drywall from CertainTeed is the gold standard in residential and commercial construction, providing superior noise reduction, fire resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance and aesthetic appeal. Carolina Atlantic™ is the leading two-step distributor, sourcing massive quantities of CertainTeed GYPSUM drywall for local area building supply retail stores across America.

Gypsum is actually a sedimentary rock that is mined for many uses. GYPSUM wallboard is a type of manufactured panel used to cover interior walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings. It can be shaped, hung, sanded, painted and used in a variety of ways. The GYPSUM sulfate material is mixed into a plaster that is bonded and extruded into flat sheets that can then be used accordingly.

Carolina Atlantic™ is a large, multi-state network of modern distribution and supply centers located at strategic locations. Situated near busy shipping routes, our branch locations can easily source vast amounts of building and roofing products to customers across the United States, and to local supply stores to keep area builders well-supplied.

Wholesale Supplier of CertainTeed GlasRoc® GYPSUM Drywall

At Carolina Atlantic™, we are proud to be a leading wholesale supplier of CertainTeed GlasRoc® GYPSUM drywall products and related finishing compound, tape, glass mat panels and more. The patented GlasRoc line of GYPSUM drywall board is especially engineered to be lightweight and durable, while also providing excellent moisture protection, fire resistance, sound deadening and impact resistance.

The GlasRoc line features interior wallboard, backing board for use underneath tile wall and floor coverings, shaft wall and firewall board and flexible exterior sheath board. All these products contain CertainTeed’s signature brand glass-faced GYPSUM material for high-quality, long-term results.

Carolina Atlantic™ can provide any amount of material needed at wholesale prices, and we also offer fast delivery to keep your client timelines intact. Contact one of our nearby distribution centers and ask a team member about CertainTeed GYPSUM drywall products and accessories.

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