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Preventing Ice Dams with Roof Ice and Water Shields

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As winter approaches and the temperatures start to drop, it is vital to think about protecting homes from the potential damages caused by ice dams. These damaging weather formations are caused by the difference in temperature between the roof and the gutters when insufficient ventilation and insulation prevent melting snow from draining off a roof. The melting snow and ice refreeze on the roof edge and the gutters. This can damage roofs, walls and ceilings, as there is an increased risk of water penetration. Home damage from water and ice dams is both expensive and difficult to repair.

Residential Roof Protection

One of the best ways to prevent ice dams is by installing roof ice and water shields. These shields protect your roof from the damage caused by ice dams. They are made of unique rubberized material that sticks to the roof, creating a barrier that prevents water from seeping through the roof and causing damage.

Roof ice and water shields are typically installed on the first few feet of the roof, near the eaves. This is where most ice dams form, so installing the shields in this area is essential. The shields are also installed on the roof’s valleys, where two slopes meet. This is another area where ice dams can form, so it is crucial to protect these areas.

Carolina Atlantic sources high-quality roof ice and water shields for local roofing supply stores so local area home builders can add this protection to their projects. Our local distribution centers have trained and experienced team members who can help you select the best products from name-brand manufacturers to supply your clients with their needs.

Prevent Ice Dams with Other Quality Roofing Products

In addition to installing roof ice and water shields, there are other steps builders can take to prevent ice dams. One of the most important steps is properly insulating every home’s attic. This will help keep temperatures consistent and prevent heat from escaping and melting snow on the roof. Adequate roof ventilation is also essential to avoid moisture buildup in the attic.

Preventing ice dams with adequate roof insulation and ventilation is essential to quality home construction. Taking the additional step of installing roof ice and water shields can also help to prevent ice dams from causing considerable damage. Carolina Atlantic is your go-to roofing supply distributor for both residential and commercial projects. We source the finest roofing components and accessories like roof ice and water shields, insulation and ventilation options.

Contact your local Carolina Atlantic roofing supply distributor to learn more about partnering with us for the best quality roofing supplies at wholesale prices.

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